Friday, 4 March 2011

Bright Make-up Is Back!

Celebs this week are falling over each other to update their new-season style with bright make-up looks that will have you reaching for your sunglasses. From Jessie J and Marina Diamandis’ fluoro-pink lips to January Jones’ shimmering gold eyeshadow and statement red lip, this is one beauty trend the stars have definitely got covered. Experiment with lip and eyeshadow colours for a cheap and cheerful style upheaval – just steer clear of the blue lippy. Yes Ke$ha, I mean you! If your not one to dare with make-up then just try some neutral eyes but bright lips. Don't know what colours to put with what? I'm here for you!
  • Blue eyeshadow, red lips.
  • Brown eyeshadow, dark pink lips.
  • Black eyeshadow, any colour lips!
  • Green eyeshadow, neutral lips.
  • Metallic (bronze, silver, gold or any other glittery eyeshadow) eyeshadow and neutral or red lips.
  • Pink eyeshadow, neutral or purple lips.
Don't just wear your eyeshadow to match your outfit, consider your eye colour too. If your going for red lips, don't add lipliner if you have really big lips (It will make your lips over-power and look puffy) however with small lips feel free to paint your lips with the lipliner all you want!!

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