Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Current Store Craving: Nasty Gal

I've recently found out about Nasty Gal from a blog, and I really love it. Its an online store that ships free (when you spend over £95 or $150) from America. Nasty Gal is a global online destination for fashion-forward, free-thinking girls. In 2006, founder Sophia Amoruso started an eBay store selling a highly curated selection of vintage pieces. In just five short years, the shop has grown to be a huge international style source offering both new and vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. Nasty Gal has a very different style of clothing in all of their collections from the UK but I really appreciate and love it. Sophia says, "Who is the Nasty Gal? I like to think of her as the coolest girl in the room, pulling off whatever wildly unique piece that suits the mood. Tough textures, 70's inspired separates and a whole lot of leg". I like to compare this to Wildfox, very similar in styles. The name was inspired by Betty Davis' 'Nasty Gal' album which was filled with a whole lot of bad, funk, rock and the roll. So, I bet you're dying to see some of their collections, here's a few but checkout all of there collections at (remember to change the currency if your not from the US!)...

I particularly love their collection 'Blinded By the Night'. I admit, some of its a little pricey but most of its reasonable and what you pay for you get with these type of stores. Check out their amazing blog too. Imagine wearing this stuff to Coachella? You'd be the talk of the day.

What's your current store that you're craving?  Please share, speak soon!



  1. Hey Emma!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet compliment...

    As for the comment section.
    In your "Dashboard" on your blog it will have a "Settings" Under the Settings you will see "Posts and Comments" this is where you will add any little note you want.

    At least this is how I do it.
    As I go forward and find the time I want to add some buttons and such to my blog. Have yet to make time, or find time I should say.

    I hear Picnik is closing on April 19th...which is sad for me since I just discovered it.

    Thanks again...let me know how it goes...and very cute post. Love the looks...


    1. Thank you so much for helping me - and I have a back up which is for more photo editing fun!

      Thanks again!

      Emma xo


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