Monday, 30 July 2012

Zurich Photo Diary: Day One: Travelling

In Club Class on the plane:

"Cabin Crew if you could please be seated for take-off, thank you" - Ha!: 

Hi everyone! I can't believe my holiday in Zurich is over! I enjoyed it so much! So here's a few pictures of the first day which was us travelling. When we got their which was around 1:30, we looked in a few shops, stopped for coffee and cake etc. Please click below to view more...

The view of Switzerland was amazing from my plane window!: 

Waiting for the train to take us to our hotel, a little bit different to London train stations!:

I'll take all of it please. Yes, all of it.

Couldn't resist stopping for a delicious chocolate muffin and berry smoothie in Jemoli (department store):

A quick change from jeans to a skirt - it was so hot, unbearable!

Nothing's better than Starbucks...

What a beautiful view:

How pretty?:

A little snap of me and my sister, Jess:


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