Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My Dream Hairstyle...

My mane is very tricky. Tricky indeed. I've had it short, long, mid-length, 'attempted' a side parting, middle parting, full fringe (bang) and a side fringe and yet none of it looked good. If you're wondering what my hair is like - it's slightly dry at the ends and often goes frizzy, can sometimes be a little greasy at the roots and is loosely curly.

This summer, I'm looking for something different. I'm thinking of trying a wash-in-wash-out hair dye in a sort of dark honey blonde, trying a middle parting once again and asking my hairdresser to cut in choppy layers. Let me know what you all think, I'm not 100% sure on it all yet so I really value your opinions!

What's you dream hairstyle?



  1. that soft wavy hair is my dream hair too, i have it ombre right now but im getting bored, maybe a light golden brown could be fine haha

    go on girl! you only live once :P

  2. Love Rosie HW's hair, it always look so effortless and lovely. I wouldn't mind looking like her either x

  3. I was born with beautiful blond curls that have somehow, over age, horribly darkened and became a hassle that I wrestle with constantly. I would love it if I had straighter hair and in the golden color I had when I was younger. I think you should go for it and change up your hair! Be brave!



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