Saturday, 3 May 2014

Evening Skincare Routine.

Another four-step skincare routine; following up my morning regimen. Again, relatively simple but I find that if I use too many products at once my skin tends to break out (I feel like it can't really 'breathe' if that makes sense!). In the evening I like to use treatments and other special products that aim in getting rid of blemishes and also ones that hydrate the skin. Here is my evening skincare routine:

Step 1: Cleanse - My sister bought me the Nuxe Comforing Cleansing Milk back from her trip to Paris last October (yes, this product lasts a seriously long time - it's only just finished). I love it: it's super hydrating and calming but it still gets rid of oil, makeup and bacteria, leaving your skin super cleansed. As it is infused with rose petals, it smells amazing - another bonus. Use this all over the face including eyes and lips.

Step 2: Tone - I've talked about this product so much lately you're probably all sick of it! Here are a few posts where I've mentioned and reviewed it before: morning skincare routine and beauty review: refreshing sprays

Step 3: Spot Treatment - Who remember's this post? Well, I bought it! I'm probably going to write a full detailed review sometime soon but for now I'll keep it brief. The Origins Super Spot Remover is probably my new holy-grail spot treatment. For £14 I was a little skeptical as it's a ridiculously small bottle but honestly, you need the smallest bit. It almost feels like pure salicylic acid and if you place too much onto the skin it can be very drying but honestly my spots are so much better. I have less spots now and they don't leave behind any unwanted scarring!

Step 4: Moisturise - For night I love to use hydrating products so I wake up with luminous and plump skin. Luckily, this Body Shop Nourishing Night Cream does just that. It's super thick and rich but not too heavy that I feel caked in moisturiser or it leaves my skin tacky and 'wet-like'. And obviously, vitamin E has many skin benefits also

What does your evening skincare routine consist of?


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