Tuesday, 10 March 2015

9 Steps To Defining Your Personal Style

Defining personal style is something that I've always struggled with; it seems that my little awkward self seems to appreciate every style, but when it comes to myself, I'm as fastidious as anything. Over the last few weeks however, I will (nervously, perhaps regretfully) say that I can pretty much pin-point my current style. 

Personal style is an elusive beast at best, evolving from week-to-week. But which one truly speaks to you? I've nailed down the steps to discovering the particular look that speaks to your most fashionable self - all of which have helped me too. Click through now…your personal style is waiting.
STEP ONE: Find your style sisterhood
The likelihood of finding a single style icon that defines you? Kinda low. Most people are more of a mix; for me, I would say a little Olivia Palermo with a dose of Alexa Chung, plus a dash of Kate Moss. To figure out who your main influencers are, start by doing a Pinterest search of “style icons” and save the images you are drawn to. You’ll start to see a collection of repeat people who you can look to for inspiration. Need a head start? Check out my board to help.

STEP TWO: Put a label on it
Take a second pass at your inspiration photos, look beyond the names, and focus on the outfits. Pick a few words to describe the vibe of the looks. Mine would be: classic, sophisticated and edgy. Settle on a handful of words that feel true to your style, and write them down for future reference, as they will help you clarify and define your look.

STEP THREE: The rule of three
From your new Pinterest board, take three outfits that you would most likely want to wear yourself. Determine what it is that makes their outfit so perfect. Is it the fact that it isn't perfect but effortless instead, or is it the fedora hat she's wearing? Note it down and refer back to it while shopping. Above, are my three outfits that most inspire me, I love the effortless sophistication, the classic items and the rich texture.

STEP FOUR: Find your signature piece
Audrey Hepburn had her black cropped pants and ballet flats, Jackie O. had her oversized sunglasses, and Edie Sedwick had her statement earrings and mod minis. All fashionable women own a signature item or two that becomes part of their style identity. Yours can be as simple as a personalized piece of jewelry or a leopard coat. I'm still trying to figure this one out.

STEP FIVE: Take note of repeat offenders
Have a closet full of striped tees? My sister and I are very guilty of this! There’s a reason your closet has an excess of a certain item. You purchase these items again and again because they make you happy and feel comfortable. As long as the item is flattering and works for your current style, I say viva la repeat offenders! As I mentioned in step four, it’s not a bad thing to rely on a signature staple.

STEP SIX: Identify the odd piece out
Take a hard look at your closet and notice the piece or two that doesn't fit with the overall vibe. Is there a bohemian embroidered blouse among a sea of collared button-up shirts? Chances are, your odd piece out symbolizes a style you like, but aren't fully comfortable trying. If you’re aiming to evolve your look or try something new, consider going after pieces that feel more like that aspirational item.

STEP SEVEN: Play to your strengths
Is there something people compliment you on? Whether it’s your toned legs or your hourglass figure, wearing clothes that play up your best assets always looks stylish, no matter what.

STEP EIGHT: Don't forget the whole package
Never underestimate the true power of accessories, hair and makeup; they complete a look and elevate it into something unique. This is definitely something I've improved on over the past few months. Jewellery and I have never had the best relationship, however, now I can't be seen without my beloved grey pearl earrings or silver chain necklace!

All pictures are taken from here
STEP NINE: Know thyself
Trust your instincts, and wear what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. If you have more of a feminine-meets-classic style, like Lauren Conrad, wearing edgy pieces is going to look unnatural. You've likely already got a sense of killer style, so embrace it, and refine it, don’t fight it.

Has this helped in defining your style?

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