Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Me and jewellery have always had a complicated relationship. Sometimes I hate it, I don't know why I do, perhaps I just feel sometimes outfits don't require jewellery to complete them. But most of the time, I love it. Recently I've been sporting these new earrings as seen in the photos above, both the cuff and the orange earrings; they instantly add edge and detail to an outfit. I particularly like wearing this earring pairing with my hair tied up as it allows them to truly shine as they are more noticeable without my hair being in the way. In addition, it's a nice way to jazz up the ears and add a quirky finish to a somewhat plain outfit.

Ear cuffs and quirky earrings are everywhere at the moment: on the high-street, the runway and in designer shops too. Although I'm usually one to steer clear of trends, I see this latest fashion as something I'll be wearing for years and years to come. I have always been rather jel of Sunbeamsjess' cool multiple earring bling.

The cuff I'm wearing is no longer on sale in Accessorize but here, here and here are a few similar options. Here are the orange ones, which also come in a funky blue too. Additionally, below are a few other cool and quirky earring options that I'm dying to try...

Are you a big fan of earrings?

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