Wednesday, 23 September 2015


In my opinion, London has the best street style. Street versions of Cara Delevigne strut their cool and nonchalant selves in designer gear down the sidewalk, as everyone else gazes in awe. I believe that for every Fashion Week capital there's one word that sums up the style uniformed to that city. For New York: sophisticated, Paris: minimalistic, Milan: flamboyant. But for London, it's modern. There's something so fresh and current about British style that makes it so endlessly confident, effortless and edgy.

My favourite street style photographer is Sara from Collage Vintage. She captures moments; often the subject appears unaware that she is even taking the photograph. Sara has amazing street style coverage from all of the fashion shows, but being the biased Brit I am, I could not deny sharing with you all her London snaps.

Which city street style do you most like?


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