Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Petersham Nurseries, Richmond

Last week my family and I headed to Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, London and it was one beauty of a green-fingered Sunday. I know, if you're anything like me, you're probably thinking 'she visited a Nursery?', but alas, this noun has two definitions, and the one appropriate here is that it is a place where young plants and trees are grown for sale or planting elsewhere. Or perhaps I am the only one who did not know this!

We set out on our adventure, misty rain lingering in the air but smiles grinning from ear to ear.

While my sister had visited before, I had seen this place crop up on my Instagram feed numerous times and my burgeoning love for all things botanical (hey new blog header!) was the tipping point in making me go.

Petersham nurseries, an internationally prized garden centre, is the perfect spot to escape the stress and bustle of London - it's a complete tranquil oasis.

We arrived starving, and with the faint smell of freshly baked goodies lingering in the air, among the perfume of the flora, we made a beeline to the Teahouse.

You can opt for either a delightful range of savoury Italian offerings, or quintessentially British sweet treats of sponges and muffins - all for a hefty price tag, but the surroundings and the quality of the food certainly makes up for it.

While the savoury did take our fancy, the cakes looked too delicious to be true. I chose the wonderfully moist, zingy and light lemon drizzle cake which was marvellously washed down with the freshly pressed elderflower water.

Expect to solely mix with the high-flying locals in their dapper, colourful chinos or pearl-adorned attire. Yet, this is no place for a stuffy atmosphere - there's a lovely wide range of people, from large families, to elderly couples to girly groups of friends.

After fuelling up, we roamed freely around the beautiful flora, oohing and aahing at the interestingly unique nature in sight.

And when you're finished exploring the greenery, be sure to pop into the interiors greenhouse before you leave. This gem is saturated in beautiful home goods, including everything from notebooks, to vintage cabinets and Parisian pottery.

Then it was time to venture out and see more of what Richmond had on offer. It felt like the first day of autumn - a wonderfully crisp air, burnt orange leaves, and a foggy grey cloud. The perfect weather for exploring.

I am wearing: Coat - Barbour, top and jeans - both Toyshop, boots - H&M, bag - Cath Kinston

Have you ever been to Petersham Nurseries?

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