Sunday, 27 November 2016

Fur and Lots and Lots of Sugar, Soho

Au revoir university deadlines! I've now handed in my term one work for my degree, and feeling pretty fancy and free if I say so myself. I now have much more time to get back into blogging, explore London and focus on what makes me happy. 

To celebrate my friend Sarah and I popped to Cutter and Squidge in Soho, London - a lovely cake and dessert café. Not quite the boozy knees-up we had envisaged while ploughing through our work (don't worry, that's coming soon), but it did certainly bring a smile to our faces.

Sitting proudly on the corner of Brewer Street in Soho, Cutter and Squidge is the perfect pit-stop for a decadent slice of cake, rich coffee and shamelessly unhealthy sundae.

Saturated in beautiful bright natural light, and fairy lights draped around the room, we couldn't think of a better way to spend a frosty Friday morning.

Especially when cake was on the cards. I mean, whoever passes that up?

But while the exquisite array of cakes did take our fancy, we had seen the Crazy Shake Sundaes over on Instagram and decided they were much too amazing to save until next time.

I ordered the Salted Caramel, while for Sarah it was Chocolate.

Both were quite the sugar, calorific masterpiece, oozing in biscuity, brownie, gooey goodness! I'm not even quite sure how to describe what is in these creations, but I think I'll let the photos persuade you into trying one for yourself...

At 10:50am, I am more than sure we got a few worrying glances as we dived into our heaps of sugar...

Then it was time to explore!

A little chilly, Sarah quickly snapped up my toasty scarf, before we embarked on venturing to a very festive Carnaby Street.

While it was a beauty of a day, with not a drop of rain or fluffy cloud in sight, it was mighty chilly and so my new Mango faux fur coat was a must-have saviour for the day.

Rather annoyingly, this is no longer available online, but since I only purchased it a few weeks ago, I don't doubt you might still be able to find this lingering around in stores.

If you don't manage to grab your hands on it, Mango have a few other furry options that make take your fancy. I'm lusting over this long black version which would team perfectly with a rugged pair of Levi's and 70's boots. But, this cropped option, fabulous for evening attire, also deserves a mention, and since leopard print is making a comeback this autumn, check this one out too.

Jacket (similar options listed above)
Top - New Look
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - New Look
Bag - Accessorize

Carnaby Street is always one of my favourite spots for shopping. Designer punk shops sit among independent boho start-ups, while quirky stationary stores sit opposite luxury makeup brands. And of course, there's the mighty Liberty's perched proudly on the corner.

If you do pop to Carnaby Street (you must!), then do make me happy and visit Liberty's. In partnership with the Royal Ballet, the department store has been transformed into a Nutcracker-inspired spectacular. It truly is a feast for the eyes and the Christmas department is a must-see. And while you're at it, give Cutter and Squidge a try!

Scarf - Zara

We spotted a few things for our Christmas lists, giggled along the cobblestones of Carnaby, and hopped on the train home.

I cannot wait to explore more of London next week too! 🇬🇧

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.


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