Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A Better Person...

Now you look beautiful with gorgeous clothes and hair, now's the time to work on your inner beauty. Ever heard the saying 'can't judge a book by its cover'? Well if you look beautiful but you are grouchy and miserable then you might end up with no friends! But don't worry girlieees I'm here to help.
How To Take A Compliment
There's nothing like receiving dozens of compliments to build your confidence, even if you flush with embarrassment at first. It's a good idea to use these top tips for the next time a friend says something nice about you.
  • DO smile and say 'thank'you.
  • DON'T frown, mumble or look at the floor.
  • DO be modest.
  • DON'T just say 'I know'.
  • DO compliment them in return.
  • DON'T disagree.
How To Make A Good First Impression
First impressions usually last so follow these pointers to make everyone's first thoughts of you the best they can be.
  • Remember to introduce yourself and ask the other person's name.
  • Look them in the eye, smile and remember to speak clearly.
  • Pay attention to what the other person is saying.
  • Ask questions about their interests and hobbies.
  • Just be yourself
Usually teenagers judge a book by its cover. If they look a bit chavvy, give them a chance she/he might turn out to be just like you and turn out to be the best of friends.
How To Flatter A Friend
An essential part of being a better person is making other people feel great about themselves (this will shed off onto you to!!!). I personally get pleasure from people-pleasing! So don't just focus on yourself - add and aura of niceness to your personality. Remember to compliment your friends and classmates on their best qualities and you'll soon see how good it makes them feel about themselves.

Things you should say:
  • 'Your hair looks lovely'
  • 'I love your drawings'
  • 'Your really talented'
  • 'That really compliments your eyes'
  • 'You've got really nice handwriting'
  • 'You're so well spoken'
  • 'You're really active and out-going which I love'


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