Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Ultimate Jack Wills Sale!

Just brought some Jack Wills joggers £39 - they were originally £59. What a bargain! They're navy and it says "Wills XV" down the leg. Also my sister brought a blue check shirt and a woollen navy jumper. When I went into the store , it was packed full of teenagers trying to get there hands on everything they could. I even saw a a bit of a cat fight - two girls wanted the Chilcombe Cable Sweater and lets just say that they got an arm each! The Jack Wills sale doesn't last for long. Usually sales last right up until the end of January, but the Jack Wills sale only lasts a couple of days!

My advice to you is grab something that you desperately need e.g a coat. Jack Wills coats go right up to £229 like the Ballingham Wool Blazer; is now reduced to £159! Look for really good bargains that have been reduced more than £10.


  1. Hi Emma it's me Amber,
    I was just writing to say how cool I think it is that you are doing this blog, I read it all the time it's great and really helpful love Amber xxx c u xxx

  2. Hi Amber, Wow thank you so much! I know I was just looking at my stats ( how many people view my blog) and I have had 4152 people look at my blog! I've had people from Korea, Australia, America and even Greenland! Thank you so much for becoming a follower and I hope you keep reading. Thank you! Love Emma xox


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