Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Instant Hair Volume Products...

  • Charles Worthington, Front Row Big Hair Sculpting Mousse, £6.29 - An amazing product that gives hair a gloss, a shine and BIG volume. I rate this as 'the star product'.

  • Schwarzkopf, Got 2b Sexy Big Volume Mousse, £4.47 - A rasberry scented hair mousse which gives hair a great shine, texture and gloss. It also gives a good volume to the hair.

HANDY TIP: To give a really good texture try spraying hairspray (on dry hair), leaving until hairspray is dry and then brush hair. This not only gives good volume but gives great texture.
  • Umberto Giannini, Backcomb In A Bottle, £5.61 - Gives an amazing backcomb effect without wrecking your hair with backcombing, also gives a great shine.



  1. emma r any of these the new conditioner that u used that made ur hair all smooth and shiny

  2. no but I use Toni&Guy Daily Style shampoo and conditioner which is basically used for if you do alot of styling to your hair... which i do :)


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