Sunday, 17 April 2011

Charmed Jewellery: PART 3: Topics

Thomas Sabo's website lets you view all of his collection by choosing a topic. The topics are...

  • 'Street Style'
  • 'Ahoy'
  • 'Happy Garden'
  • 'Animals'
  • 'Diamond Charms'
  • 'Asia'
  • 'Disney'
  • 'Hearts, Love & Peace'
  • 'Good Luck'
  • 'Charms and the City'
  • 'Fairytale'
  • 'Gothy & Rock'
  • 'Silver Letters'
  • Glitter Letters'
  • 'Zodiac Signs'
  • 'Birth Stones'
  • 'Tropical Holiday'
  • 'Winter Holiday'
  • 'Mummy & Baby'
  • 'Faith'
  • 'Angels'
  • 'Soccer'
  • 'Wild West'
  • 'Just Married'
I know what your thinking... WHAT A SELECTION! That's what I really love about Thomas Sabo's jewellery - There's a huge selection but its not too expensive. Prices range from around £15.00 to £60.00. However the diamond charms range from about £45.00 to £80.00 .

HANDY TIP: When completing your charm bracelet try not too have to many colourful ones as it can 'cheapen' the bracelet. Just have a few colourful and a few silver - this stands out and looks expensive!

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