Sunday, 10 April 2011

Emma's Dilemma's!!!!

  • Tiffany - "Hi, I'm going to London for a nice sunny day out with the girls but I have no clue what to wear, could you give me some pointers?"
  1. I would suggest you wear a floral midi-dress, tan wedges and a 70's style floppy hat. Keep the accessories minimal. Have neutral makeup, matching handbag to shoes and beached-curled hair! Just like the outfit worn by Lauren Conrad , take notes!!

  • Chloe - "It's my first date tonight and I still have nothing to wear! My wardrobe's looking tired , all I have is the basics, what shall I do??!!!!!"
  1. Don't worry! For a first date you don't want to look like your trying to hard but not to casual and you don't want to show up your date! So how about? - Black skinny jeans, a red/black/white long-sleeved blouse - this is quite basic so bling it up with some kooky/diamonte jewellery. Wear some colour-popping heels and ALWAYS keep the makeup neutral as your date wants to see your natural beauty!

  • Mariella - "I have a good week at school but when it comes to the weekend I get frustrated when I have no idea what to where! I'm only going shopping with my family but I might see my friends! Please help!
  1. A striped frilly skirt against a colour-blocking vest is the right way to go! Its cute and on-trend but to 'edgy' it up why not wear a black cardigan (for extra 'ooh la la' wear a brooch too!), black heels/flats and other rocker accessories!


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