Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas & Sales Talk!

Hey everyone! Christmas over already? I have to say, I've really enjoyed this Christmas - did you? I got lots of lovely pressies: Tigi leave-in-conditioner, Tigi Foxy Curls spray, Topshop cardi, Gilly Hicks body spray, L.A Colour nail varnish, earrings, Soap&Glory thermal scrub, Ted Baker purse filled with goodies, socks (wouldn't be  Christmas without a new pair of socks!), Topshop voucher and finally (have a breather) money! Hope you guys got lots of nice things too, share in the comments box below!

Now today, because Boxing Day shopping is just too busy, I went bargain hunting! And you'll never guess what I snapped up?! A stunning Jack Wills cardigan, the original price was £119 and I got it for £59! So pleased, here it is...

Isn't it gorgeous? If you want to take a look yourself, here's the link: www.jackwills.com/knitwear . Unfortunately though, they don't seem to have it online anymore. Hope everybody has a great New Year's, I'll do a few posts on that too, following a few more Spring stuff - bye lovelies!



  1. Lovely cardi. Looks lovely on you.

  2. That comment was from Emma's mum not Emma!


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