Saturday, 24 December 2011

Topshop: First Look for SS12

Out with the old, in with the new -spring is nearly here! Preview the trends that Topshop are coveting for the season ahead and start writing your new season wish list. I dare you not to fall in love...

 Sporty in shape, silky to the touch and bursting with exuberant prints, our favourites take us back to the 90s in all its excessive glory. If there's ever been a time to team jewel tones with yellow gold, mix florals with animal prints, and make sure that every item you're wearing clashes, its now!


 The trick to working this sorbet-sweet trend is to get your palette spot on. Sweetie shades - think lemon peach and watermelon - have a hint of neon, yet also appeared to have been left out in the Sun and faded. Yes, even for SS12 your clothes should look sun-kissed. I say, wear delectable shades and call everyone you know 'Sweetie'!

 Nothing quite says hello like a cutout! I think they're a perfect way to embrace Spring. Apart from showing a glimpse of sun-kissed skin, my favourite new way to channel the flirty cutout is to layer one peek-a-boo piece right over another. Think of it as fashions very own hide and seek!

 Make a bold splash - 'maximum' and 'impact' should be on your buzzwords! And while your already looking exuberant in plants that sound like they're from the shores of Hawaii, why not throw some animal print into the mix? Leopard, zebra, tiger or snake - the choice is yours!

 Live your life in technicolor! Eye-popping colours and high-drama prints create a sensory overload. There's a little riddle that comes with these prints - the more kaleidoscopic the pattern the better (say it over and over again, memorize it and you can't go wrong!); Its all about picking out prints you fancy and wearing them all at once!

 With sheer fabrics and futuristic silhouettes dazzling the catwalk, calling yourself a technophobe is no option - or an excuse! The space-age ensemble is here to stay and mastering the art of layering light-as-a-feather;  Iridescent pieces is your surest fast track to fashion's future.

 Oh-so-girly skirts have been given a flirty take with graduated hemlines - I'm a huge fan of the skirt mullet: short in the front and long at the back - while dresses in simple, sport shapes wow their asymmetric finish. However you want to phrase it - angular, stepped, skewed - all you need you need to remember that you need at least one hem that isn't straight.

Flouncy fabrics in rose, topaz, azure and aqua are strewn with pearls and encrusted with beads, shining like scales and shells. So if, like me, once dreamed of living under the sea, SS12 is your chance to release your inner sea goddess. The time has come to hail the mermaid!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone - thank you so much to all my readers, I love waking up and seeing my stats rising higher and higher! Thank you for reading :)

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