Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Springs Hottest Shoe Trends...

Hi everyone, everything OK? Love doing this post, do it every season ahead. I'll now also be starting 'Spring's Hottest Beauty Trends' which will cover hair, makeup and nails and a different post for clothes too. A few product reviews coming up on some recent ones I brought and interior do's and don'ts but for now... Step into Spring with the seasons hottest shoe trends. Preview the trends that I've researched for the season ahead and start writing your new wishlist, try not to fall in love...


Colourful Ballet Pumps

Curved Heel

Two-Tone Wedges
Handy hint: Ankle straps can shorten your legs but the wedges weigh it out and help them to appear long and lean once again!


Pastel-Shade Brogues

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