Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tuesday Ten: Bad Hair Day Fixers!

You've just got out out of bed, got dressed and then you saw your hair - which was frizzy, static, big and curly in some parts and straight in others . WHAT DO YOU DO? Use my bad hair day fixers, that's what :) I usually just do a boring o' ponytail which is just as bad really because it all flicks out then my baby hair comes through. I should really take my own advice. Here are 10 easy peasy lemon squeezy (and quick!) bad hair day fixers...

  1. Straighten/curl your hair 
  2. Doughnut bun a la stewardess style (if you don't own one, check out here to get similar effect) 
  3. Rope twist bun (come back later for a tutorial on how to do one, it's so easy!) 
  4. Blow dry it, with cool heat - salon style! 
  5. Pin the sides back (I use these clips) 
  6. Half-up half-down  
  7. An updo of your choice (I like this one, my hair is short-medium length)
  8. If your hair is frizzy, add some extra oil or shine spray and brush (wide tooth!)
  9. Add accessories - headbands, clips and pins but no more than two at a time
  10. If its raining, use a deep conditioning mask the night before, and then wrap into Princess Leia buns. When you  wake up, brush your hair then style as normal and then spritz with some hairspray
Or...you can just simply wash your hair again! But of course, we don't always have that kind of time. I think I'll try the rope twist bun - its great for its raining or windy and for really all occasions. Plus it looks intricate when its not! A tutorial from me on that later.

What will you be trying? I hope you all had a nice day, it was boiling hot today here in London - I think Summer's on its way finally!


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