Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tuesday Ten: Hot Summer Nail Colours

The unexpected accessory - nail varnish! I'm having a bit of colour craze suddenly; luckily Summer and even Spring is all about lots and lots of colour what a better way to wear that than on your nails?! It's the instant colour pop, and a great way to start for if your colour shy. I picked the top 5 most popular nail varnish brands (Essie, Revlon, Jessica, O.P.I and Topshop) to show in the picture. So, here are Summer's must-have colours...
  1. Pale Blue (Essie - Bikini So Teeny - £7.99)
  2. Beach Bronze (Essie - All Tied Up - £7.99)
  3. Flushes of Coral (Revlon  -  Mad About Mango - £6.49)
  4. Electric Blue (Jessica - Blue Blast - £9.75)
  5. Nude/Taupe (Topshop - Cafe Au Lait - £5.0
  6. Snow White (Jessica - Snow Cone - £9.75)
  7. Lime (O.P.I - Did It On 'Em - £8.99)
  8. Glittery (Essie - Set In Stones - £7.99)
  9. Shades of Grey (O.P.I - Give me the moon! - £8.99)
  10. Orange Crush (Essie - Fear Or Desire - £7.99) 
What's your favourite colour from above? I love the names of nail varnishes - like Essie's 'Bikini So Teeny' - they make me laugh! Have a good week...


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