Sunday, 10 June 2012

Recent Buys...

Wow haven't done a 'Recent Buys' post in ages! Well, over the last month I haven't bought hardly anything at all, apart from obviously these above. I really need like a white lace top...that I desperately want to feature in a recent buys post :) ! Moving on from random desperation's... so I bought lots of magazines (Glamour, Company and then I picked up the free handbook in Jack Wills last week) and got lots of tips on  how to get a bikini bod' and surf-ette hair which, come Summer will be very much needed! And then, I snapped up this cute dip-dyed t-shirt in Topshop (which I bought last month) and it will be cool to wear in the Summer teamed with hot pants and a blazer - amazing combo.

My hair feels lustrous and salon-like lately thanks to my new best friends, Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture shampoo and conditioner which I bought in Superdrug (half price, for jumbo sized bottles!) last weekend and boy, they're incredible. In fact, Tresemme products work really well with my hair and I really think that their shampoo and conditioners are the truly the best I've ever tried. Buy them now! I read that celebrities use NIP + FAB moisturizers and products so wanted to try the sweetly named body butters myself. Coconut Latte and Pistachio Sundae...Mmmm :)

My most recent buy being the Revlon Sheer Blush nail varnish which is so pretty (I'll write another post on that later, the Maybelline BB Cream too.) on my hands its sheer enough to see the white strip at the end of the nails (what do you call that again?!) but thick enough to be noticeable (it makes my nails look longer, shinier and healthier) and lasts for about a week with up to no chips and with only two coats! Finally, Maybelline's BB Cream - its amazing and I'll write a review on that later.

What have you bought recently? Please share! Have a nice week, hope you a good weekend!


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