Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tuesday Ten: Why I Love Olivia Palermo's Street Style...

I'll admit, I'm in love with her style - who isn't? She can do high street and designer, couture and jeans and a tee, simple and clash prints, so let's face it - she can wear just about anything and still look so amazing. But what I really love about her style is that it's all so easy-to-wear and always a trend ahead. She accessorizes like no other (I mean c'mon, just look at that dog...so cute!), for example the outfit above: little pieces like her shoes, the cuff, the sunglasses (...the dog!) and the pocket all really elevate a simple jumper and jeans pairing. Plus, I love her hair and makeup - always. So, let's get cracking with the other nine outfits I adore of hers...

Ahhh...excuse me will I drool.
I hoped you all had a good Tuesday and enjoyed a little celebrity fashion update, speak soon!

P.S: Who's your style crush? You should definitely know mine by now...


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  1. Anonymous7:35 pm

    yea,ur rit abt Olivia..didnt kno much abt her style until seeing ur post..my style crush s Gwyneth Paltrow ,so effortlessly stylish :-)


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