Thursday, 2 August 2012

Zurich Photo Diary: Day Four: Sprungli Breakfast and Travelling Home

The world-famous cafe and shop, Sprungli:

My Nan and Mum :)

What I had for breakfast...cheese, bacon and tomato omelet (it was huge and so filling!):

Sprungli are world-famous for their deliciously beautiful handmade cakes and macaroons:

So pretty:

Oh, Zurich photo diaries are over! I had such an amazing holiday, definitely one for the scrapbooks. I hope to return, hopefully to another part of Switzerland too. Were (my family and I) actually discussing next year's possibilities as I write this now. Were actually thinking of doing 3 days in Zurich and then 3 days in Zermatt, but I'd rather have 6 days in Zermatt, I've been going there every single Summer since I was 3 and this Summer we broke that (we went to Zurich instead, obviously!) so I hope next Summer we can just do Zermatt once again :)


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