Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tuesday Ten: Fashion, Style and Blogging Q&A

I have written a 'style q&a' before and thought it would be fun to try some different questions, an 'updated' version if you like. I love and read these kinds of post all the time. I like the fact that your finding out more about that person, not a weird kinda' way. Lily from Whatihearttoday uploaded this video and reminded me that perhaps I should write a post about my life, too! So, next week's Tuesday Ten will be a random/ life q&a. If you want, you can tweet me a few questions you'd like me to answer (@emmafox98). Anyway, this week is all fashion, style and blogging related. Happy Tuesday!

  1. Who's style do you admire? I love effortless sophistication. I admire the likes of Rosie H-W, Alexa Chung, Miranda Kerr and Poppy Delevigne. But I prefer street style, sometimes celebrity style can be a little fixed. I love Rumi from Fashion Toast. She is amazing!
  2. If you weren't blogging, what would you do? Be reading blog's anyway! I'd probably spend a lot of my time doing more school work...ew.
  3. What has been your biggest fashion faux pas? I like to think that every faux pas in fashion has been learnt by. I've definitely had my fair share for sure. Uggs were a huge mistake!
  4. Where are you favourite places to shop? Westfield White City is one of my favourite places to shop and I'm actually going there today. I also love Oxford Street, Kensington and Covent Garden.
  5. What will you be seen wearing most this season? The high-waisted Jamie jeans from Topshop in a pale blue denim. They're the most comfiest jeans I have ever worn! I'd love to answer this question with "A beautiful Celine leather jacket I snapped up last week, of course". But hey ho, I'll stick with what I got, can't have everything.
  6. Where do you get all of your post inspiration from? Sooooo many different sources! Magazines and blogs are your best bet, I enjoy flicking through Style Bistro and Pinterest for extra inspo.
  7. What one word would you use to describe your style? Confusing! I guess it's because I'm young, I'm still figuring it all out.
  8. Who are your favourite designers? Chloe, Oscar De La Renta, Burberry, Valentino, Rebecca Taylor, IRO and Boy. By Band of Outsiders. In terms of high street, I love Topshop (obvs), Urban Outfitters and Zara.
  9. What are you dying to nab your hands on? This needs to be in my wardrobe. Nuff' said.
  10. If you could blog about anything else other than fashion and beauty, what would it be? Oooh, probably music or photography. Although, I can't imagine myself enjoying it as much writing about fashion. 
Hope you had fun reading this! Don't forget to tweet me some random life questions for next week's Tuesday Ten...


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