Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tuesday Ten: My Favourite Beauty Blogs...

Hey guys! Wow, feel's like I haven't actually written a good post in a long while. It feels nice to finally take a quick break from revision, sit back and drool over the latest beauty hype of the moment. Speaking of beauty; today's Tuesday Ten is all about my favourite beauty blogs. I actually tend to watch more beauty YouTube videos than read beauty blogs but I don't think anything beats sitting down with a hot chocolate and reading a good blog. It's only really been a year or so that I've been interested in reading beauty blogs. I guess I always just wanted to read fashion and thought that going out of my territory was a bit...rebellious! Reading up on Tanya Burr's latest makeup buy, flicking through Kate from Ghostparties' most obsessed skincare products or drooling over Lily from What I Heart Today's makeup look of the day. I love it. After a hard day at school (yes...sure) and boring revision, it is so nice to just read through my favourite blogs. Be it fashion or beauty. But hey, I always talk about fashion and thought it would be nice for a change to talk a bit about hair, makeup and skincare. So, here are ten of my favourite beauty blogs...

  1. I Covet Thee - mainly makeup and skincare  she often shares a little OOTD or what she's been up to that day.
  2. Fleur De Force - Beauty product reviews (make sure to check out her YouTube channel!)
  3. Ghostparties - A whole load of skincare products, a few makeup reviews also.
  4. What I Heart Today - The best blog for all things beauty. She features good nail ideas and lip combinations (also check out her YouTube channel!)
  5. Essie-Button - Everything from hair to food, travel, fashion and skincare but she is best known for makeup. I love her 'best products for...' series.
  6. Nouvelle Daily - More of a website than a blog but this is great for finding out what products work best for your skin. This also features fashion and DIY posts. 
  7. Liana Beauty - Makeup everything!
  8. Zoella - Best known for YouTube channel; her blog is good for not only makeup reviews and finding out her latest makeup routine but fashion and her travels too.
  9. Tanya Burr - My favourite beauty Youtuber! Her blog is just as incredible too. I love, love, love her makeup tutorials and reviews.
  10. Hello October - Mainly skincare and hair, scattered with the occasional fashion or 'life' post. Her makeup reviews are really good also.
Please tell me what beauty blogs you love reading (I need to add to my Bloglovin list guys...) Hope you guys are having a good week so far, I hope to catch up soon. Bye!


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