Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tuesday Ten: Dear 25 Year Old Self

This blog turns five next month (on the 27th) which got me thinking. It's crazy how the time flies, it feels like my blog is still brand new and it was only this morning that I realised I have 97 followers (on here, twitter and bloglovin'). It may not sound that much but to me that is such an achievement, thank you so much to all who follows me! If I wrote to myself 5 years ago about where I thought I'd be today, it probably would've been 'to give up blogging and be bored (and unfashionable) as hell!'. Well, today I'm writing to my 25 year-old self. Don't ask me why 25, I just thought it was a good number :)

When one turns 25, I wish to...
  1. ...continue blogging and hopefully by then my blog should be a lot better and a lot more popular! I hope that it takes me places and that I still really, really enjoy it.
  2. ...either have my blog as my job, to be working for a top magazine like Vogue or Harper's Bazaar or to be a freelance stylist.
  3. ...have a killer walk-in wardrobe (with uh-mazing things filled inside it).
  4. ...have the perfect haircut that suits me.
  5. ...be living in London somewhere (in a lovely apartment with my sister).
  6. ...travel the world in style!
  7. ...go to New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion week.
  8. ...own a dress by Elie Saab.
  9. ...own this coat (or equivalent).
  10. ...to inspire people with my words of style and fashion (now that my friends is the ultimate goal)
I hope you all enjoyed a little different post today, happy Tuesday!


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