Sunday, 1 September 2013

Where to Save and Where to Splurge...

There are times in life where you think 'life's short, buy the shoes!' but then we remember how light our purse will suddenly become (heck, that happens all the time!). Some things I definitely do splurge on (that Zara jacket last month cough, cough), however, some items aren't just worth the money. Before deciding whether I should buy something or not, I always ask myself a few (very hard) questions. 'Will I still like and wear this item in a few months time?', 'Will it go with much in my wardrobe?', 'Why is it worth the money?' for example. There are times though when deep down we know we shouldn't have bought that leopard print Prada bag (not to mention that Burberry trench too) as they're are other great alternatives on the high street. Here I tell you what items you should consider splurging the cash on and where to save it...

  • Coats - Especially classic shapes and styles. 
  • Bags - Make sure its practical and big enough for your everyday needs.
  • Shoes - Well, you're feet need to be comfortable right?
  • Sunglasses - Again, look for a shape that are classic and not 'on trend'. 
  • Knitwear (depending) - A sweater or scarf is a lifetime wardrobe essential. 

  • Jeans (depending) - Topshop, Zara and French Connection do some lovely jeans but brands like Frame, Diesel and J Brand also do some great ones. It all depends on what fit you best.
  • Jewellery - Unless you're looking for fine jewellery, look no further than Urban Outfitter's, Zara and Topshop.
  • Dresses (depending) - Look for dresses that easy to wear, not too short and will go great with some of your accessories. 

Though of course, if you find something that you absolutely adore, that you don't think you'll see on the high street - go ahead, splash the cash! I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and had a good weekend!



  1. Completely agree, especially with classic coats - you can get years of wear out of them :) x

    1. Yes, for sure! Thanks for commenting!



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