Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Autumn Tag:

Autumn is by far my favourite season; I love the leaves turning burnt orange and burgundy, salted caramel hot chocolates, chunky jumpers and Chelsea boots, oversized coats, sunny but autumnal cold days etc. Moreover, I've always said that autumn is by far the easiest season to dress for as I have a bit of compulsive disorder for buying jackets and coats (especially Zara ones). I've never done a tag before but after reading this on a blog recently I thought I would give it t a go. Tags are always fun to read and I think it's a great way to find out a bit more about the lovely bloggers out there. So, here it goes!

  1. What is you favourite thing about autumn? It's hard to just pick one thing as I pretty much love everything about autumn, but if I really do have to pick one then it would be having brisk walks all wrapped up in a cold Sunday morning.
  2. Favourite autumn drink? Ooh, it has to be my mum's salted caramel hot chocolates! Just make a regular hot chocolate, then whip a bit cream on top, drizzle some caramel and sprinkle a dash of salt too. Perfect for cosy evenings by the fire.
  3. Favourite scent/candle? I've already been burning Yankee Candle's Vanilla Chai candle, it smells so good it is indescribable! 
  4. Best autumn lipstick? MAC Plumful (as the name intends, a plummy colour) but I wear my Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie all year round as it so beautiful.
  5. Go-to moisturiser? I love a rich one for autumn as my skin gets very dry, so I love Body Shop's Vitamin E cream for very dry skin. It's great one for under foundation to as its thick and not liquidy or runny.
  6. Go-to autumn eye colour? I've really been loving a shimmery grey eye look at the moment paired with a tinted red lip balm, perfect for daytime and in the evening too.
  7. Favourite band/artists to listen to? Well, this doesn't really change from season to season but I've been loving some of the chart music lately, I love the remix of Lana Del Rey's Summertime Sadness (the original is equally amazing).
  8. Favourite outfit to wear? An oversized boyish coat paired with black skinny jeans, Chelsea boots and a woolly beanie.
  9. Autumn treat? Another jacket or coat of course. Why not?
  10. Favourite place? Definitely at home! There's nothing better than having a cold day out and coming home to a warm, cosy home with the fire and candles lit and watching good TV, with of course, my mum's salted caramel hot chocolates.

What's your favourite thing about autumn? Let me know in the comments below you've done this tag and link to it so I can read it! I've loved reading this tag and really enjoyed writing this one! Hope you are all having a good weekend! Happy autumn!


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