Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tuesday Ten: January Detox

Sorry ladies, no green-juice recipe here or gym workout routine - it's a new year so that means clearing out everything you didn't use in the last 365 days. For some, that may be just slinging out a dirty, old t-shirt, for others that may be a whole day's dedication of a serious clear out. Clothes, makeup or skincare; get rid of anything that you don't like anymore, haven't used for ages or it may simply be that you want to donate it to charity or a friend (or the real reason, you want to actually have access to that lovely bedroom of yours - and not be bombarded with a boat-load of dirty clothes).

Consider this as a January detox - although, if the word 'detox' is creeping you out a little bit, consider this as a way of creating more space for all the extra stuff about to come in (c'mon, Zara is just waiting for you...). Hot lemon water, kale chips and avocado toast may be great for a body detox but hey, it's no good when your messy room is stressing you out. Here's a little checklist to complete by the end of Jan in order for a more stress-free and clean life.

  1. Clear out your wardrobe - Everything that hasn't been worn in 365 days must be thrown out - consider donating to charity or a friend. Also get rid of garments that you dislike now or have seen better days. 
  2. Something to consider - However, don't get rid of that new Prada dress you bought last week that was two sizes too small; keep it in your wardrobe - wait a few months and see if you it wear it again.
  3. Shrink your skincare - So often we forget about products or forget to repurchase them after they run out; they end up as just dust collectors. Not good. Equally, we realise that a certain product is no longer working for us or worse, is causing breakouts or irritations. Get rid of it immediately.
  4. Make room for new makeup - It's the New Year, the ultimate time when beauty brands bring out new launches for us all to dive into. If you're not careful, you'll end up with three of everything which is just a waste of money. Chuck out everything that you don't like anymore; no longer looks good on you; foundations that are too light or too dark; old mascaras etc. Then, restock! Perfect!
  5. Make use of every space - All the beauty guru's on Youtube are obsessed with Muji drawers -  invest in them too! I have two for my makeup and love them - they're stackable and have plenty of room. Store your makeup and/or skincare in these bad boys and you'll thank me for life.  
  6. Organise - Once you've cleared out and sorted everything, it's time to make space and organise. This Chick's Got Style recently wrote an amazing post on organising your wardrobe - great tips for anyone with a large or even small space. 
  7. Organise part deux - Now organise your makeup - this should be categorised into each section e.g. base makeup (foundations, concealers etc.), eye makeup and lip makeup. This way, it makes it easier for you to grab a certain product and go.
  8. Note that - You can even categorise your makeup into each brand; this is especially good for if you favour a particular label. For me, this isn't great as I buy a range of different brands rather than being devoted to just a certain few. 
  9. Organise part trois - Now organise your skincare; this is usually the hardest. I suggest just categorising into cleansers, toners, moisturisers, serums, oils etc. Again, this way, it makes it easier for you to just grab a product and go.
  10. Don't forget - Keep it all up! Although this is a January (New Year) detox, feel free to do this again in the spring, and then maybe again in the autumn too. Making this a regular habit turns a chore into an enjoyment; and eventually you'll love doing it! I know I love to de-clutter and rearrange my room - it clears your mind of stress and makes your room all the more pleasurable to be in.
Phew - that was a lot to read! Thank you so much for reading  - I hope you all took something from this and return to your rooms to clean! Good luck and have fun!


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