Friday, 21 March 2014

5 Style Changes I'm Making For Spring...

Taken from my Instagram - @emmafox98

It's suddenly occurred to me. I've always loved fashion that looked as if you were going to a beatnik funeral (I blame Audrey Hepburn and Emmanuelle Alt for this). However, it's recently dawned on me that head-to-to black doesn't always look chic, but a little drab. Maybe this feeling is because in spring we usually opt for pastel hues and soft shades rather than edgy colours. I've never been one to particularly shy away from colour but there are quite a lot that don't suit me; je d√©teste la couleur rose sur moi. Nonetheless, this spring I most definitely will be searching for peachy and coral tones, French navy, red, purple and pastel shades too. But colour isn't the only thing I'll be switching up this month in the style department...

  1. Play around -  Skinny jeans, a casual tee and a jacket is my usual day-to-day look however this spring I intend to play around with my everyday wardrobe by adding in tailored trousers, a-line skirts, breton tops and dressy shorts. 
  2. Add a special touch - Sometimes I think the nonchalance of a hem or cuff turn-up or a jazzy scarf wrapped around ones neck can make the world of a different to a look. It adds a special touch and appears as though more thought had gone into the outfit. Plus, it adds interest to a somewhat bland outfit.
  3. Try texture - I also intend to buy a lot of print this season. I'm dying to nab myself a pair of leopard print loafers or a snakeskin bag. Print adds that 'special touch' to an outfit that sometimes colour can't quite donate. I would also like to purchase a few leather items as well as light knits too. 
  4. Dare to be different - Sometimes, and don't we all, I stay in my comfort zone within style terms. This spring I intend to break up with my aforementioned everyday outfit and opt for a risk-taker look. Trying new things and experimenting helps you to determine your true style.
What style changes are you making this spring?

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