Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Tuesday Ten: April Style Ideas...

April showers. Need I say more? April is a funny month when it comes to the style racks; it's not quite bare-legged weather, yet it's certainly not coat weather either. So what do us stylish ladies do? Well, here I've assembled a little list of a few things to whip out this April; or even a few things to purchase before the month even arrives.

  1. Swap winter jackets for light trench coats
  2. Ankle boots will be your best friend
  3. Try a lighter colour palette
  4. White jeans aren't just for summer; paired with autumnal colours and they balance perfectly
  5. Alongside a trench coat, also grab your leather jacket too this April
  6. Whip out all your Breton stripes
  7. April = rain = raincoat
  8. Layer up on accessories e.g sunglasses, light scarves, gold jewellery
  9. Swap dark denim for chinos
  10. Instead of dark blue jeans, why not try a fun, coloured pair to brighten up your spring wardrobe? 

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  1. I can’t wait for Canadian winter to allow for lighter trench coats. Bring on spring weather!

    Dejhana || Waite a Little


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