Friday, 30 May 2014

Current Crave: Fedora's...

There's something that I always find so intriguing about women wearing typically masculine items. A fedora is the perfect example. Mysterious, androgynous, chic, simple, sexy and polished are just a few words that describe my current obsession for fedora hats. My style is ever evolving as of late (I'm trying out a few new things, still attempting to discover my true style) and that's where it all began.

However, my obsession ends before it really began; fedora's were 'on-trend' this autumn in shops and therefore I can't really find one now, and I guess they are typically a winter accessory (as seen above). But a girl can dream can't she, who knows I might just come across one sometime soon.

What are you currently craving? Ice cream? Me too.


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