Friday, 3 October 2014

Burberry SS 2015 Makeup Tutorial (Drugstore Edition)...

I adored the makeup look that Wendy Rowe created for this years Burberry show. Complimenting the nature-themed fashion looks, a rosy lip and fresh skin was used. It was simply stunning and can be worn across all seasons. I for one loved the look so much I recreated it for you guys, and even made a tutorial out of it. Although this sort of thing is probably better off on Youtube, I just couldn't resist. Also, as a little side-note, I don't (unfortunately, yet!) own any of the Burberry makeup so have offered you all drugstore alternatives. Without further ado, here's the look!

Always begin with a clean base. I was wearing my everyday makeup (tutorial coming soon!) and removed it with Bioderma Micelle Solution.

The base Rowe created focused a lot on layering techniques. For the first layer, she applied a liquid bronzer  but I actually skipped that step and moved to the next one. For this, I applied a mix of my Clarins Instant Light Perfector and the Origins CC Cream. Wendy used this. I added the illuminator in too as I don't quite posses that perfect model skin aha!

Then, for added coverage, foundation was lightly sweeped on top. I used my trusty L'Oréal True Match Foundation. I applied it with my fingers and then gently buffed it all together for a flawless finish.

Next, Wendy Rowe applied concealer under the eyes and on top of the cheekbones for extra luminosity. Her trick was to use a concealer that was one-shade lighter in order to achieve a highlighted effect. I reached for my Nars Creamy Concealer, obvs.

A tawny, dusty brown blusher was used along the cheekbones and on the apples. This gave natural definition without any strong brown/pink tones that is usually in contour powder, bronzer or blusher. Rowe used this while I grabbed the MAC Blusher in Melba.

Burberry used the blusher in three ways: as a contour, blusher and even an eyeshadow! It was placed lightly through the crease; this was to create subtle definition for the eyes and to balance with the bold lip later. Just look at my face - utter concentration!

No mascara was used on the models; Rowe said that this is a look that models often favour. I didn't use any in this tutorial either, however, I did quickly use my eyelash curlers for a bit off volume. I love the no-mascara look with this makeup- it feels fresh, modern and more suitable for daytime.

The brows were lightly groomed - although the likes of Miss Delevingne certainly didn't need any help in this department! As a drugstore alternative to the brand's latest launch, Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Define Pencil, I opted for my new love, Soap & Glory Archery Pencil in Blondeshell (review coming soon!).

Now for the exciting part! I lined and filled in my lips with Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in Sultry. Oh boy do I adore this colour, particularly for autumn (and it looks great against pale skin too!). Alone, this gives a light, plummy finish. But the complete look included more red-y tones so I lightly blotted some of the Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick in 001. These two products were matte, so for the glossy finish I lightly dabbed on some lip balm. Wendy Rowe used the Burberry Lip Cover in Ruby.

Do you like the makeup look Burberry chose? Tag or tweet me in any pics if you recreate the look! Thanks for reading!


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