Monday, 12 January 2015

Blogging Plans for 2015...

Happy Monday everyone! Today I'm discussing with you all my blogging plans for the year ahead. I'm probably a bit late to jump on this 'new year' bandwaggon, nevertheless, I think it's important to address and notify you all of what's to come.

This is something I've wanted to approach for quite sometime. I don't particularly have a blogging schedule - other than What's On My Face being fortnightly - solely for the reason that it depends what a-level work I have that night. However, I've decided to post every Tuesday and Friday, with the additional WOMF featuring every other Monday. It will also be every evening. I can't say for sure I will stick to this plan as it does still depend on my work, nonetheless, it's principal that you guys know when to return to see a new post.

  • Less beauty, more fashion - in particular, my own style
  • More 'lifestyle' - recipes, travel, photography, personal
  • More product reviews/ tutorials/ get-ready-with-me's
  • 'Fashion and beauty current affairs' - posts on hot topics, think ManRepeller, Refinery29-style. 
Please let me know if you have any requests or ideas in the comments!

Long-term plans:
I won't deny that I've thought about starting Youtube for a very long time, and when summer finally arrives, when I've got endless days of free time and adventure, it might happen! Let me know if this is a route you would like me to go down or not.

Thanks for reading! There will be a new post tomorrow so be sure to check back *must stick to plan, must stick to plan*


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