Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Prepare for a picture overload - our second day in Paris was a rather busy, long day, but nonetheless very enjoyable! We woke up to the sun delicately drowning our room and the smell of croissants and coffee, before setting afoot our day.

Top (similar) // skirt (similar) // shoes // bag

We shared fresh, Parisian pastries at Le Coquelicot for breakfast - a beautiful local café.

Exploring time!
Les Jardin des Tuileries
Having a little too much fun

The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel
The Louvre

The amazing Angelina. This is an exquisite Parisian tea room that has been a favoured joint across the years from the likes of Coco Chanel to Audrey Hepburn. The room, scented with sweet raspberry macaroons and rich chocolate, was bustling with excited tourists and a few locals. It was so elegant, classy and sophisticated, everything that embodies the Parisian lifestyle.

I ordered the 'Pompadour' - raspberry macaroon, pistachio filling, fresh raspberries and a honey-raspberry confit. It was to die for. I could quite happily live on these bad boys for the rest of my life! My sister ordered their specialty, the 'Mont Blanc' - a meringue base with whipped cream and a chestnut-cream vermicelli. Then of course, we ordered their world-famous African hot chocolate. It was incredibly rich, thick and luxurious. Possibly a bit too much for some people, but as a self-confessed hot-chocaholic, I was very much in my element!

Les Champs-Élysées
Arc de Triomphe

We rather happily and spontaneously stumbled upon the Hotel Raphael, one of the leading hotels of the world. We gasped, stood shaking in excitement and collapsed to the floor in sheer awe at the beauty of  the place, before heading to the rooftop gardens. We saw possibly my favourite view of the city thus far - just look at it.

We then headed to Boulevard Beaumarchais to explore the very Pinterest and Instagram-worthy concept store, Merci. After looking around at the gorgeous clothing, homeware and stationary, we stopped off at the Used Book Café. It felt like something you would find in New York, with the books, the dark lighting and quirky interior, yet it felt quintessentially Parisian.

We had their specialty: the 'Detox drink' - a smooth blend of ginger and lemon. After kicking back and relaxing, after a long day exploring, we headed back to the hotel. We got dressed up in our best imitation of Parisian style, and grabbed dinner at a local restaurant in Montmartre.

Blazer (similar) // top (similar) // jeans // bag // shoes (similar) // lipstick

After a glorious dinner of Croque Madames and salad, we walked towards the Sacré-Coeur to watch the sunset. It was so beautifully breathtaking. 

Phew! Well done for getting through so many pictures!

The next photo diary, our last day, will be up Friday. Until then, have a good week!

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