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I always adore the makeup Wendy Rowe, Burberry's Artistic Consultant, creates for the shows. The looks always compliment the outfits, without overpowering or ruining the aesthetic. This year, it was all about the lip. Incorporating Burberry’s iconic Oxblood shade, Rowe turned towards “honest” make-up, for the confident, British girl. The lady who reaches into her backpack and pulls out a dark red lipstick and applies it in her own way. It is wearable, not entirely perfect, soft around the edges, refined but not precise. The way that every normal woman would wear it. The dark lip just provides the “embellishment for the face.” Many people considered the makeup (and indeed the collection) to be rather autumnal, but in London summer never really arrives!

All in all, the makeup was simply stunning and recreating their looks has somewhat become a theme of mine. Take a look at previous Burberry makeup tutorials I've created here. As per usual, I've offered drugstore alternatives to the actual products used, making this look accessible to everyone. Without further ado, here's the look!
The look began with cream contouring, before any foundation or concealer. This is because Rowe wanted the makeup to be as natural and fresh as possible. However, I was wearing a little foundation before I began as I was using powder to contour. I used Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation.

In the Sephora Livestream of the makeup, Rowe stated that "the skin was all about highlight and shadows falling in to the shape of your face". To contour, I used Benefit Hoola Bronzer, blending in thoroughly and buffing with what was left on my foundation brush. This gave definition and structure to the face. 

To further enhance "the art of glow and shadow" as stated by Rowe, was to highlight. Here I'm using Benefit High Beam. This pearlescent liquid highlighter provides the perfect dewy glow to cheekbones, without being obvious or unatural. Pop this down the center of the nose, cupid's bow, cheekbones and on the tear-ducts.

The face was very open this year - a first for Burberry. The usual 'Burberry Girl' is very mysterious and cool, usually hiding behind her bedhead hair. The hair stylists pushed the hair behind the ear for an open, youthful and confident appeal which related to both the makeup and the clothing designs.

Next, Rowe applied foundation. However as I previously mentioned, I already applied mine.

Then, it was time for concealer. I used the Maybelline Age Eraser to cover any dark circles and blemishes.

A nude eyesadow was applied on the eyes. I used M.A.C Eyeshadow in Omega and sweeped this all over the eyelid. Wendy stated this natural shadowing gave a "slightly androgynous" appeal to the makeup. Be sure to blend this under the eye for a 'lived-in' feel.

Mascara was not used for the show as the focus was on the lip. However, Wendy did use the product in the Sephora tutorial and confessed that "I know loads of ladies like mascara". On reflection, I wish I hadn't of used mascara as I feel this gave a more modern approach, however when creating the look I wanted it to be as wearable as possible. I used Benefit Roller Lash. As you can tell, I'm really loving Benefit makeup lately!

Time to groom the brows. These were kept, once again, very natural. Wendy advises that "the eyebrow shouldn't be solid, you should be able to see the skin underneath". Therefore, apply your chosen brow product in light feathery strokes. I used Soap & Glory Archery Pencil.

Now for the star of the show: the lips. Many of the models had a nude lip, so if you wanted, you can stop the tutorial here. However, Wendy said that the oxblood lip was applied on some models as the Burberry Girl "might've been out all day; she's going to a concert at night with her backpack and she pulls out a lipstick and pops it on". Effortless, confident and nonchalant. 

The bold lip, the embellishment of the makeup, related to the heavily embellished designs used in the collection, therefore mirroring and complimenting one another. 

Rowe used the Burberry Lip Liner in Oxblood to line the lips; however, I didn't have a lipliner in this shade so I went straight in with the Clinique Chubby Stick in Grandest Grape. This product is slightly more plummy in shade to the colour Burberry used, which was deeper and more brown-toned. Nonetheless, it still works perfectly. I also swiped on a little of M.A.C Lipstick in Plumful for an extra glossy finish. 

The oxblood is an iconic Burberry shade; first featuring in their scarves and in the lining of the trench coats alongside the beige and black. Rowe says that the dark lip was "Gothic, but in a modern way" which related to the "musical influences" of early Britain. Burberry is always influenced by music, with musical accompaniments performing every season.

The lipstick was blended and smudged around the edges with a cotton bud/ Q-tip. This made the lip easier to wear, and created a soft, lived-in feel as opposed to a dark lip conventionally appearing strict, harsh or mean.

I highly recommend watching the Sephora Livestream of the makeup, which was filmed live straight after the runway show.

Do you like the makeup look Burberry chose? Tag or tweet me in any pics if you recreate the look! Thanks for reading!

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