Tuesday, 27 October 2015


I can't quite believe that today marks my blog's fifth birthday! Five years of tapping away at the keyboard and delving into the world of fashion have flew by. 

It's crazy how much this blog has changed. Not only by design (anyone remember those pink stripes?) or by fashion sense (okay okay, Ugg boots were in at one point), but by writing style, content and photography. This blog has grown with me. And as I continue to grow as a person, so shall my blog follow. 

Que cheesy applause. And click below for more!

I don't really ever intend to give this blog up, but neither did I ever think I would carry it on this far. I always thought it would somehow fizzle out, or I would get bored or frustrated by it. But there's something about sharing my love of fashion, style and beauty on the world wide web. I've learnt so much, from working out HTML, to taking better photographs, to learning to write in a journalistic manner. But in no shape or form would I consider myself an expert on all things blogging - I've got a lot more to learn and would definitely like to see this blog grow even more.

Top - Zara, shorts - Topshop

But most of all, I would like to say thank you to you guys! I love reading comments on here, or steadily seeing the following grow and grow. I get so much enjoyment out of writing my blog and it's even nicer knowing that someone appreciates your passion and hard work. Thank you all so much for reading for however long you've known about ATF. 

And Happy Birthday to you, blog!

Now, blog party for one - let's kick it!

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