Sunday, 14 February 2016

10 Reasons to Love Burberry...

The iconic British brand is causing quite the storm in the fashion world at the moment, and below I'll tell you some of the reasons why. But before we delve any further into how Burberry is evolving, let's go back to 1856, when the brand was first founded.

Initially established by Thomas Burberry to focus on developing outdoors attire, the brand was soon commissioned to adapt its officer's coat to be suitable for warfare, resulting in the "trench coat" which is now synonymous with the company. A few years later and Burberry was at the front-line of British fashion - with the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and Ronald Reagan sporting the luxurious garments.

However, at what seemed as Burberry being a cult label for classy and high-fashion designs, the brand soon became associated with lad culture and football hooliganism, just as Christopher Bailey joined the team as Creative Director. This was due to varying reasons such as low price points, counterfeit products and links with celebrities with not so good reputations. But with a few business strategies and momentous turning points, the brand flourished, or returned, into a gloriously high-fashion company.

Today, with Bailey as the CEO and Creative Director, Burberry is one of the most successful British brands on the market. It is the most coveted show at London Fashion Week, with editors and bloggers alike all fighting for a seat to see the spectacular finale, and in hope of snapping that perfect Instagram shot. It is not only part of British heritage, but part of modern day culture too with its ultra revolutionary approach towards everything from their designs to remodeling the traditional fashion show.

So, history and business lesson over - below are ten reasons why I love Burberry (as if you need any more convincing...).

  1. The brand combines my two favourite interests of music and fashion. Music is a huge part of the brand for the way in which it features up-and-coming artists at every show, as well as uploading videos onto Youtube of other inspiring artists, helping them to gain greater exposure.
  2. The designs are incredible season-after-season
  3. The garments are wearable for the everyday person! There are so many brands out there that, although incredibly awe-inspiring and thought-provoking, are too 'artsy' in my opinion. It's nice that Burberry is still a high-fashion brand that is still relatable and wearable for ordinary people, while still maintaining a fashion forward feel.
  4. It has revolutionised the fashion show model. The catwalks will now only feature twice a year and combine mens and womens together.
  5. Burberry is also changing the fashion game; in addition to the point above, the shows will also be seasonless (no more S/S or A/W) in order to reach customer demand. The clothes will also be immediately available online and in store. Go Burberry!
  6. The brand takes advantage of its social networks, allowing Burberry to capture the attention of 'fans' in addition to customers and heighten exclusivity. For example, the brand has been using live streams for their shows since 2009 and released snippets of its S/S16 collection on Snapchat the day before the runway show aired.
  7. They design pretty damn amazing coats. And you all know about my obsession for coats.
  8. The signature item - at each show the brand reveals a new seasonal signature item. You've all seen the iconic monogrammed poncho, and for S/S16 it's all about the monogrammed backpack.
  9. It is quintessentially British.
  10. As I previously mentioned, Burberry is the most coveted LFW show. One day I'll be blessed with an invitation (even if I'm old, crippled and can hardly see the beautiful garments that lay before me).
So there we go! There are so many reasons as to why I love Burberry; being such a revolutionary, inspiring and unique brand, it's hard to not fall in love with. Bring on LFW!

What is your favourite designer brand?

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