Sunday, 6 March 2016

The One App You Need If You're A Fashion Blogger

If there's one thing you need when you're a blogger, is a good source of inspiration. I usually seek out my favourite magazines, scour Pinterest or scroll endlessly through my go-to blogs - but now, there's a new addition to the list. After spontaneously meeting one of the lovely ladies who works in the team during London Fashion Week, I discovered the incredible app Vernez. Their revolutionary app provides super fun and user- friendly tools to collage photos with garments in order to make magazine-worthy graphics, which is just perfect for bloggers and creatives. So when Vernez got in touch with me later on, I was thrilled and honored to be part of a collaboration as I seriously cannot stop using this app!

As an upcoming fashion blogger, I love using Vernez to seek inspiration from. Whether it be for outfit inspo for a potential OOTD to feature on here, or for inspiration for blog graphics. I also use Vernez like I treat my Instagram or Twitter - I relish in updating it, scrolling through other's works and perhaps get a little addicted after being on it for just a few minutes!

The great thing about Vernez is that it is so easy to move, alter and crop things to look exactly how you want. I love experimenting with different layouts, fonts, garments, photos and styles in order to keep my feed as fresh and interesting as possible. You can find other users so easily too, simply by skimming through the feed or checking Vernez on twitter or instagram where they often share posts from their favourite users! Because of this, the app is a fantastic way of getting in touch with other bloggers, finding new blogs to follow or even gaining a few extra followers yourself. Make sure you pop your blog or website URL into your profile caption to ensure it gains maximum exposure.

Personally, I designed my Vernez profile page as a reflection of my blog by using the same profile picture and blog header to make sure my social medias are as cohesive as possible and have a 'business' feel. So, it's super important to me that the content I create for my profile is of a high quality and that it represents similar themes and styles to ATF. If you're also thinking of using Vernez as not only a way of gaining inspiration, but as an outlet for promoting your blog too, my top tip would be to stay true to your style. Only post things that you really love, and just like your blog, your personality will shine through.

I like to think of the app as a perfect companion to Pinterest - except you can create outfits (which definitely ups the fun factor!). I download pictures from Pinterest beforehand and use them to create unique, bold and eye-catching layouts on Vernez. These could be runway pictures (if I'm creating a 'from the runway' edit), my own OOTD (so that followers can directly shop what I'm wearing) or street style snaps (if I'm creating a 'get the look' edit).

My final top tips for Vernez are taking advantage of the amazing features on offer. The text editor, a latest addition to the app, allows you to truly design magazine-worthy edits. I love using the text to create titles for my edit which may describe the style of the look or act as a caption. I try to use the same fonts throughout all of my posts to add to the consistency and style.

Speaking of captions, you can also write a bit about the edit underneath. You can describe the style you were going for, what or who your inspiration was, where one may wear the outfit and so on. Of course, it is up to you how much you write but I definitely suggest a sentence or too so as to not overwhelm your reader. Make sure to include hashtags (I like: #ootd, #getthelook etc.) in order to be easily searched.

And there you have it! I absolutely love this app - it's fun, easy to use and a perfect source of inspiration. You can download the app here for FREE!

Have you joined in on the fun yet? Download the app now and let's follow each other!

*This is a sponsored post by Vernez

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