Thursday, 24 March 2016

Soho Grind, Soho

During London Fashion Week last month, my friend and I popped in to Soho Grind for a quick coffee, before diving in to the hub of fashion. The 'Grind' chain is cropping up all over London, with their latest addition in Covent Garden creating quite the buzz amongst the coffee-lover crowd. I may have only tried their Soho version, however, since that moment I've been dying to every single one of the others ever since...

This espresso café in the heart of Soho, which doubles as a cocktail bar in the evening (how cool!), is saturated with urban interior, indie songs and one helluva tasty menu.

There may only be a small selection of food in the Soho one, but with what's on offer, it's extremely delicious! The London Grind in Borough market doubles as a restaurant, so if you're looking for a place that has equal parts delicious food and coffee then head on over to that one. But, for a quick coffee and cake, or maybe even a panini, Soho is your best bet.

I'm also dying to try some of their tasty cocktails in the evening too. Their espresso martini looks rather too good to devour.

...and their breakfast menu!

...and probably just about everything else.

The Grind & Co. company are also pretty darn nifty at their Instagram skills too. In fact, if I may confess, I may just happen to follow the entire chain! Why not see how good it is for yourself...

And this is their latest addition in Covent Garden. Consider this a little teaser of another blog post to come as I'm pretty sure I'll pop in and tell you all about it very soon! But for now, let's just admire how very New-York the outside looks!

Have you been in to any of the Grind coffee shops before?

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