Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Brand Lovin': Reformation

If you live over in the States then you've most likely already heard of this eco-friendly, minimalist-chic and feminine-yet-cool LA-based brand, Reformation. It embodies LA's relaxed vibe with dreamy dresses, boxy leather jackets and vintage Levi's all in abundance. Unfortunately, the brand isn't yet available in the UK, nevertheless I for one am loving the summer style inspiration. 

I stumbled upon this brand upon scrolling through a post from my favourite blogger and instantly I was hooked. I just love the subtle femininity to the clothes, and the cool chic vibe mixed with the nod to vintage silhouettes. Flirty 40's-style dresses are sat next to 90's Levi cutoffs, while bohemian maxi dresses are in line with lingerie-inspired pieces that further enhance the 90's style. Everything is so beautiful. Even more beautiful when considering the fact every piece is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Founded in 2009 by Yael Afalo, the brand produces most of its products in LA, or elsewhere using sustainable methods and materials. Their design mission is to create clothes women really want to wear and that celebrate the feminine figure. From sketch to finishing touches, each design is produced within a month, meaning the garments are fresh and current with the season and trends. Most of their designs are made from either recycled or vintage materials, keeping the environment greener. But you can read more of Reformation's eco-policy here.

So, below are some of my favourite designs. I haven't really narrowed it down as such but while flicking through the website I saved a few of the designs I loved. And that was kinda' every one. Nonetheless, they all remind me of one of my favourite fashion icons, Jane Birkin, for they are relaxed, feminine and simple.
Monochrome playsuit // Black playsuit
Black summer dress // White kaftan dress

Black dress (possibly my fave! How beautiful and cool is this!
White riviera dress // Floral dress
Striped tee // White top
Floral cami // White shirt
Denim skirt // Floral jacket
So there we go! This post is not sponsored by Reformation in any way, I just simply wanted to share my latest fashion discovery with you all. If you're a Brit like me, let's pray it comes to our side of the pond some day!

Have you heard of Reformation?

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