Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Save Your Staples: A Guide to Caring for Your Wardrobe Essentials

Top, cardigan, trousers and belt - all Tosphop
It's happened to the best of us before - a most treasured clothing item dives in to the wash only to return either a couple of sizes smaller or even a different colour. Heartbreaking, I know. Yet, it may not always concern garments, sometimes our most prized handbags can lose shape, zips can go rusty and the inside may just serve to collect dust and chewing gum wrappers. Lovely!

However, there are a few tricks to ensure your clothes and accessories stay in tip top condition. With thanks to Third Love, you can stay rest assured that nothing will ever lose its worth. This beautiful and revolutionary American underwear brand, who work on finding the best fitting bra possible for women, have released a few fashion secrets on caring for your wardrobe.

So have a little read of the handy tips below and take note. My favourite trick? Stuffing bags to keep their shape. Perhaps a slightly obvious one, but often forgotten nonetheless. Click below to read more!

Do you have any extra tips or tricks on saving your style staples? Join the conversation over on Twitter by using #saveyourstaples or leave a comment in the box below!

*This post is inspired by Third Love.

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