Sunday, 17 July 2016

Beach Bums in Barcelona

Ah, our final day in Barcelona. We saved the crowded tourist attractions until future visits and instead headed to the beach for a slice of r&r. The beach is pretty crowded too, but there's fewer selfie-sticks and elbow nudges. We grabbed our bikinis and and ran out of our hotel, eager to bathe in the sun.

But first, brunch. Always. 

We read about Brunch & Cake through a series of bloggers and upon noticing how amazing it looked, decided it was our duty to give this place a try.

Opting for the one nearest to our hotel in Eixample, we luckily grabbed one of the last seats available (if you're going for breakfast/ brunch, get there for when it opens as this place is pretty popular and small!). We scoured the menu, eyeing just about everything up, and ordered away.

We both selected the tiramisu smoothie - a delicious blend of creamy, chocolatey, coffee goodness.

And while Jess ordered the walnut and banana bread, I chose the buckwheat pancakes, which were drizzled in a delectable array of juicy fruits.

A few litres of water later in a bid to stay hydrated in the heat, we headed to the seafront, dashing in and out of the shade along the way.

Top - Zara
Shorts - Topshop
Bag - Cath Kidston
Flip flops...not sure and definitely shameful (but sure comfy!)!

We hired some loungers and a parasol, and called the beach our home for a few hours.

For a city, this beach is pretty amazing. The sand is kept clean with absolutely no litter in sight (or at least, we saw none) and is not too overcrowded. The sea is also beautiful - it was incredibly warm, clear and clean. Although we weren't quite lucky enough to give anything a go, there are lots of water activities on offer too. We saw plenty of surfers, canoes, parasails, jetskis, boats, yachts - which of course, if you're not up for the thrill yourself, it's interesting to watch from the foot of your lounger.

Bikini - Topshop

Then, we could rest no longer; our stomachs were rumbling so we headed to Bacoa which sits right on the seafront. Once again, we heard about this burger joint through a blogger, and boy, what a recommendation! This place was dreamy!

At Bacoa, you create the burger yourself. Grab a pen and one of the paper menus, and tick away. You can choose from a variety of breads for the buns (i.e brioche, wholewheat, bun-less etc.), meats, extras and sides. I ordered a beauty of a burger which, if I say so myself, was quite the creation.

I chose the wholewheat bun with swiss cheese, hash brown, bacon, medium beef, and salad. My sister designed an avocado creation, and we both shared the fries.

Our wanderlust bug could also take no more and we set foot towards the marina. We popped into a beautiful juice store called Press & Reset, which sold the most incredible healthy juices I think I've ever seen.

Before we knew it, we were on our last metro journey home, packing our things in the hotel and heading to the airport.

I truly fell in love with Barcelona and I genuinely cannot wait to return soon.

On Tuesday I'll be telling you 10 great reasons why you need to visit Barcelona too (if you already haven't!)

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