Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Five Things I Didn't Expect From My First Week of Uni

It's been a week since I officially started university. For those of you who don't know, I'm studying BA Hons Fashion Journalism at The London College of Fashion - something I had dreamt of for so many years. Yet, my first week was a little different to what I had anticipated. I had quite a few presumptions of what it all would be like, though I was never too sure on what to expect. So, if you're thinking about university for 2017 or just interested in how I got on, then give below a read...

  1. I got very tired, very quickly - I know, I too dislike it when people incessantly complain about how tired they are. But university definitely wore me out. Perhaps it was the fact that since finishing school, I had not been so busy all day everyday, or the early starts and hour-long commutes, either way I collapsed onto the bed on Friday evening, somewhat thankful for the week to be over.
  2. There is a lot of guidance - I assumed at university you would be left to your own devices quite a bit; left to figure it all out on your own with no one to help you. Though, I was pleasantly surprised to be guided and helped so well by my lecturers. They are incredibly kind and constantly reminded us to ask questions, talk to them or drop an email. 
  3. The timetable is jam-packed - My expectation of univeristy life was that I would only have to be there a few times a week for a few hours per day. However, apart from Monday, I am in every day, and on Tuesday's I am there from 9:30-5:00 with no break in between lectures. Though I can't complain too much; apart from Tuesday, I only have to go in for just the morning or the afternoon, meaning more time to explore beautiful London (ahem...studying, of course!).
  4. Everyone is insanely friendly - Full of prejudice (I apologise), I imagined that being at a fashion school, I would be surrounded by somewhat pretentious beings. I know, horrible thing to say, but let's admit, it's true, no? I am incredibly happy to report however that so far, everyone is very friendly and lovely. I have already made some wonderful friends and am eager to get to know some more. I love meeting and interacting with new, interesting people and uni life has allowed me to fulfill that.
  5. There is a lot of confusing computer software - This is not so much of a surprise as of course I knew we would be interacting with software none of us had used before, but I didn't imagine how many websites or programs had to be learnt, though obviously, it depends on what course you're taking. My course requires me to learn and navigate myself around so many different websites, and I'm already finding it very confusing. There has been many talks from IT technicians to guide us through it but I still feel a little flustered with it all. Though I don't doubt that after a few weeks of using it, I'll be a pro (she says with a slightly nervous smile).

Overall, I'm loving being a university student. It feels great to be learning again after a very long, fun-filled summer and to be studying something I genuinely love. If you have any questions about my first-week experience, about my course at LCF, then feel free to drop a comment in the box below or email me.

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