Thursday, 27 October 2016

Six Years Ago Today...

Exactly six years ago today I began writing this blog.

But I would like to begin this post by first of all apologising for a few things. My blog is my hobby so I am never usually too concerned with scheduling, but I am so sorry that I haven't posted at all this week! I have been incredibly busy with university work and, of course, that takes priority. Moreover, I'm sorry for how rubbish a post this is! My blog's birthday crept up on me quicker than I could blink and before I knew it I had nothing planned, not even an idea for a celebratory blog post. So, this is about as good as it gets.

That being said, I have so many post ideas to share with you all - expect a lot of London recommendations, more ootd's and autumnal styling tips. Yet, for now, I'll leave you with six things I have learnt from six years of blogging (I creative!).

Six things I have learnt from six years of blogging:

  1. It takes time to grow. Be patient.
  2. Don't take it too seriously.
  3. It is so much fun! I have interacted with so many amazing people through my blog and I love the community blogging has thrusted me in to. I adore creating blog posts, thinking of ideas and tweaking the design. It genuinely is so much fun.
  4. Don't follow blogging rules or conventions. Be your own boss.
  5. It is a struggle to juggle with other priorities such as work/ school, so beware.
  6. Have passion and enjoyment at your heart's main interest.
Happy birthday ATF! Thank you so much to everyone who reads this blog - it genuinely means so much to me. Cheers to many more years ahead!

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