Thursday, 17 November 2016

Instagram Paradise: Hillgate Place, Notting Hill

The whole of Notting Hill is an Instagrammer's paradise due to it's whimsical, colourful charm, but after continually seeing Hillgate Place pop up on my feed, I knew I had to join the hype. When my university lecture lasted a mere half an hour on Wednesday, I made the most of a beautifully crisp autumn day by taking my camera around with me to the much-photographed spot of Notting Hill. It's safe to say I quite possibly photographed every house in hope to capture the vibrant pastel shades through my lens...

This probably seems like quite a random post of just endless photographs of houses, but it's something I really wanted to share. Exploring London, the city I am so blessed and thankful to call home, is becoming quite the hobby of mine and so sharing my adventures on here is a great way of tracking where I've been.

Notting Hill is one of my favourite neck of the woods in London. It really feels like a true village, somewhat distant from the city, with it's close-knit townhouses and mews. Lined up, each and every house looks like it's been drawn by a child in a storybook.

What's more, some of the best restaurants, caf├ęs and retailers happen to situated here too.

If you wish to see more of my London recommendations, click here.

For the meantime, enjoy lusting over some very enviable homes...

After having satisfied my house-cravings, I decided it was time to fill another - hunger! I quicky dashed to Covent Garden to grab one of Deliciously Ella's 'Fudgey Brownies' in her Mae Festive Pop-Up. It was the opening day so Ella just so happened to be there! She was incredibly lovely and so welcoming.

If you're on the hunt for healthy vegan (yet decadently delicious), then do be sure to make this Christmas pop-up a visit!

And if you're on the hunt for a great spot for blog/ Instagram photos, or fancy just seeing the beautiful coloured homes yourself, I can't recommend Hillgate Place enough!

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