Sunday, 9 July 2017

Jetting to Capri and the Grotto Azzurra

If I had a penny for every Instagram photo I've ever seen of Capri, I'd be one rich woman.

But, now I get it. The rocky island of Capri, located just off of the bay of Naples, is the most picturesque, classy and oh so glamorous place one could quite possibly visit in the world. 

On our third day along the Amalfi Coast, we jetted to this Italian paradise.

Once we had shoved our way through the hoards of tourists at Capri Town Port (it was quite horrendous), we hopped straight onto a boat to the famous Blue Grotto.

We were so thankful to be on water and in the wind, escaping some of the hottest heat we'd ever experienced. The water is relatively choppy so it wasn't a smooth, calm ride. But it was incredibly fun and thrilling to say the least.

The Blue Grotto is Capri's largest tourist attraction and can be accessed via boat or bus where you'll be placed in a row boat to go inside.

It's not a cheap excursion inside (our boat to the Blue Grotto was roughly 15 Euro, and entrance inside is another 15), but it's worth the expense. It's also worth the wait - as a peak tourist attraction and at peak season, we waited over an hour just to get onto a row boat. There are many other boats carrying over 30 people on board and those who arrived by bus waiting to get inside too, causing quite a queue.

I'm not exactly making this sound a positive experience, am I?

Perhaps my photos will convince you, but this truly was the highlight of our trip.

Bathing in the sunshine on the boat and being careful not to fall off the back (evidence above), we stumbled into our little row boat.

In order to get inside, you have to lay flat on your back while your boatsman pulls you in, holding onto a chain.

And suddenly we knew what magic felt like.

This is an experience I hope to never forget.

The water in the cave is illuminated from the sunlight outside and the white sandy seafloor, which the boatsman carefully explained.

It's a piercing, vivid and radiant water that will undoubtedly leave you speechless. The boatsmen will all sing Italian opera songs whilst inside, echoing in the cave. Our man sang opera and it was the most magnificient thing to hear in such a magical environment.

Did we feel like we were in a a heaven? Yes.

If you go to Capri, you must visit the Blue Grotto. It's an experience you won't forget.

It probably won't be something you'll do the next time you visit Capri, but it sure is one of the bucketlist things you have to tick off in your lifetime.

It's worth the wait and the expense a thousand times over.

Back on dry land and high above busy Capri Town in Anacapri, we hunted down a cute spot for lunch, admiring the views on our search.

We got a little lost along the way, ending up down Capri's version of Rodeo Drive or Bond Street, mingling with film stars and millionaires.

Expect nothing less than a spectacle of Italian designers lined up together. Everything from Dolce and Gabbana, Alberto Ferretti and Salvatore Ferragamo share a spot in the sunshine here.

Capri is home to the rich and famous, after all. Everyone from vintage icons such as Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy loved Capri (Loren still does today), and modern icons such as Beyonce, Anne Hathaway and George Clooney adore it too.

A fabulous Caprese pizza later, we were free to explore and roam around the peaceful island.

The famous Faraglioni.

Our magical day was soon to come to an end, and we caught the ferry back to Sorrento. We fell marvellously into a deep sleep, dreaming dreams that were nothing in comparison to the day we'd had.

Capri, you have stolen my heart.

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