Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Eating Under Lemon Trees, Sorrento

On your upcoming trip to to Sorrento (that one you're planning in the very back of your mind after seeing this), you'll want somewhere lovely to go out for a long dinner.

Well I know just the place. 

It's tucked away in a rustic courtyard where lemon trees sprout in between tables and where local Italian music dances into guests' ears while they sip on the very best wine. Jess and I headed to this rather dreamy place on our second evening in Sorrento. But first, a beach day was to be had.

The first morning on any holiday is always pretty magical, isn't it? Your inner child releases and a giddy sense of being takes over you, itching to see the views and the sun.

And getting out of bed with a view like this made it that little bit easier.

We wandered down town, keeping an eye out for any shady spots to escape the 30'C heat.

It's a 35-minute walk from our hotel that's pretty steep with cobbles and steps, but the sights you'll see along the way are nothing short of majestic. Being tucked away high on the mountain does allow you to spot the burnt-terracotta coloured roofs, the vast blue of the sea and the misty silhouette of Mount Vesuvius in the far, all in one glimpse.

I wore this floaty number from Zara in an attempt to stay cool in the heat. The ruffled sleeves and embroidered chest is so feminine and full of ethereal charm. I teamed it up with a pair of Topshop shorts (alternatives below), a straw bag (the most perfect shape but sadly out of stock. Here's similar) and strappy sandals.

Somewhat out of breath, we arrived at the beach!

Just look how clear and blue the water is (and let's take a moment to appreciate those adorable beach huts).

If you make it to the beach, Leonelli's is the best and you'll see why.

Suited and booted in our best bikini gear, we snoozed in the sun for the entire morning and lunch. A splash in the sea made up for times our legs got a little too restless and our skin a little too hot.

It was surprisingly warm. As with all ocean water, it's cold when you first dip in, but it warms up when you get used to it.

For lunch, we headed straight to L'Abate which overlooks a bustling piazza.

What did you have? - you ask me. Pizza of course!

Though I think Jess thought she'd make me look like the greedy pig for Italian food I secretly am, opting for a mozzarella and tomato salad.

Before heading back to the hotel to glam up for dinner, we explored the town and its beautiful, quaint charm.

There's lots of fantastic shops in Sorrento, from fashion boutiques, accessories and luggage brands, gelato bars, local-produce food shops and plenty more to feast your eyes on. Just be prepared for the wafting, incessant smell of leather that lingers in the air (the Italians love leather just as much as risotto and wine).

The evening soon sprung on us and our rumbling stomachs could wait no longer.

I love a shirt and so this silky black version from New Look (fab quality surprisingly! Also no longer available, see below) fitted the bill. There's something about wearing such delicate and lustrous fabrics that just flitter in the gentle breeze in summer. It feels comforting to wear something so light and loose - I guess from living in London, I'm used to thick, bulky layers that glue to the skin!

The silky shirt paired up perfectly with a white crochet skirt from Topshop (alternatives below). Crochet or embroiderie anglaise, I think we'll all admit are summer essentials. Especially teamed with a simple pair of espadrilles (quickly grab this leg-lengthening pair before your summer travels).

As I've mentioned previously on this blog, I'm not a huge fan of jewellery. I'm an incredibly impatient and restless person so I tend to just play with it the entire time.

However, this past year I've somehow kept my figety fingers at rest as I've been loving wearing jewellery, in particular gold and statement pieces. Most of it I buy from Accessorize as I believe they do some of the best jewellery for purse-friendly prices. This gold-leaf bracelet (similar) adds summer vibes to any outfit while these earrings draw attention to fabulous necklines.

Nothing beats handmade jewellery collected on travels, of course, but taking these away with me on my travels allows me to make unforgettable memories with them too.

Jess was looking bloody beauts in a polkadot number from H&M that she bargained for £10. Irritatingly, this is no longer available too (curse you fast-fashion!), so see some alternatives below.

So, back to the lemons and that magical dinner place I promised you.

Down the main high-street, tucked away, you'll find Café Latino set in the midst of a lemon and orange tree courtyard.

Delightfully spacious yet intimate, this romantic spot will serve you up the most exquisite local food.

I'll admit, the service is actually some of the worse I've ever encountered. The staff were friendly and smiley, but there were not enough members around and we waited about an hour for our main, and long lengths of time in between everything else.

But it's worth noting that this is a beautiful restaurant and so to linger over a glass of wine or two while you wait is hardly a difficult task. It'll make the delicious food taste even better when you finally get it! Just make sure to arrive earlier than usual.

We skipped starters and dived straight into mains.

Unable to resist a local speciality dish, we both enjoyed the Ravioli di Sorrento - ricotta and mozzarella-stuffed ravioli with basil pesto, lemon juice and walnuts. Sound overwhelmingly enticing? It was. Sorry to tease you.

It was blissfully finished off with shots of limoncello (a serious must-have if you visit here or anywhere in Sorrento) and lemon tart for dessert.

You won't find an atmosphere anywhere like this spot. It's a real gem and you'll leave marvellously warm and fuzzy inside from an evening well had.

...or is that the overdose of lemons getting to your head?


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