Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Hot New Trend: SIDE-SWEPT WAVES!

Us girliees love to have luscious hair so here is how to have side-swept waves in under 30 mins.

STEP 1 : Working in 2in sections from the top of the head downwards, spritz with hairspray then wind hair around large tongs. Hold for a few seconds, slip the tongs out and pin the curl in place.

STEP 2 :Once your hair has cooled, remove pins in sections starting at the bottom. Gently brush to relax curls into soft waves ( at this part my hair always goes frizzy! dont panic just put some protector spray before you brush ... it works! )

STEP 3 :Part hair on one side and comb over on the top and all the way around the back. Fasten securely down the back of the head with kirby grips and finish with another spritz of hairspray.

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  1. I love this!
    very original, i think what makes your posts so good is the fact you insert allot of images! I am actually inspired by your posts. It seems to me you know allot about fashion, please keep posting!!


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