Thursday, 28 October 2010

THEY'RE BACK ... and better than ever!

Friendship Bracelets: I'm not expecting you to make them yourself but its supposed to look like you could have. Miley Cyrus's woven bracelets tick off the club kid look, but you can also go for coloured stones for hippy glam or chakra-style beads.

'70s Floppy Hats: A large floppy brim is essential for this look. Most are made from felt and I'm loving the rich stones and earthy details like feathers and velvet ribbons. Your passport to bohemian glamour.

Heirloom Brooches: These should look antique and uber-expensive - gemstones and classic shapes help. Pin one on your winter coat, a posh going-out frock or even a velvet ribbon hairband!

Party Plumes: If you're going for coloured feathers, keep everything else simple and stick to one feathered accessory at a time

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